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Aural Gravy Records is re-releasing music by now-defunct San Diego bands

First Up - Here’s To Being Happy from The Modlins

Direct From Aural Gravy Records:

Aural Gravy Records is re-releasing music by now-defunct San Diego bands. We will be releasing one album per week (digitally) beginning in March and lasting indefinitely.

“We thought it was a shame,” says Aural Gravy president and founder David Miano, “that so much fabulous music was partially or completely unavailable. Many of the artists of days gone by never had a record label to begin with, they simply released their music independently. What that means is that once their original stock of CDs ran out, there was no clear way for people to obtain their music anymore. This is material that deserves to be heard and heard again over time. We’re going to do our part in keeping it alive.”

Each release will be available for three bucks the entire week, and five bucks thereafter. The first band up is the Modlins, active in the early 2000s. Each and every one of their records will be re-released.

Throwback Thursday release schedule:

March 6: Here’s To Being Happy-The Modlins

March13: With Friends Like These-The Modlins

March 20: Where Does It End?-The Modlins

March 27: Late Night Feel-The Modlins

April 3: Shoot The Moon-The Modlins

April 10: Passed Masters-The Modlins

April 17: Yippee!!!-Hotel St. George

April 24: Hundreds & Thousands-Hotel St. George

May 1: City Boy Lemon-Hotel St. George

May 8: Funshine Line-Hotel St. George

May 15:Indian School-Hotel St. George

May 22: Blood Lust-Hotel St. George

May 29: Cool Squeaks-Hotel St. George

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