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The Local 94/9 * Hosted By Tim Pyles * May 25th, 2014

The Local 94/9 on FM94/9 Sunday 9pm to 12am...

The Local 94/9

Hosted by Tim Pyles



The Burning Of Rome - Adam, Aimee, Keveen and Joe plus Special Guest Noel Jordan

Rhythm and the Method - Rhythm, Papa Shawn Turner, Evan Turner, Laura Payne

Matt from Transfer w/ Jess Roberts


Rumble Fest TJ


The Burning Of Rome - God Of Small Things

The Burning Of Rome - Sister Francis "live" in the studio

The Burning Of Rome - Melina "live" in the studio

The Burning Of Rome - Space Age Stockholm Syndrome

Tiger & The Teller - Wait In Vain For Your Love

Tori Rogg - Truckstop

Tiger Milk Imports - Sore Loser

Rhythm and the Method - Come Let Me

Rhythm And The Method - 4th Dimension

Rhythm and the Method - Into The Blue

Jess Roberts - Other Peoples Money

Jess Roberts w/ Matt Molarius - Begin Again "live" in the studio

Low Volts - Shake In The Knees

Danyavaad - Nine Levels Of Bliss

Danyavaad - Valley Of The Lizard

San Pedro El Cortez - Castaneda

Mystery Cave - Do Dat

Batwings - Our Mouths Are Now Rakes

Hot Nerds - Ear Slugs

Some Kind Of Lizard - Rising Sun

The New Kinetics - Be Mine

Trouble In the Wind - So Hard

Ed Ghost Tucker - Sofia

The Touchies - Red Pill

Amerikan Bear - Doorway

Javier Escovedo - See You Around

Transfer - Kills Me Every Time

The Donkeys - Blues In The Afternoon

The Gift Curse - Mix

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The Local 94/9 on FM94/9 Sunday 9pm to 12am...

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