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The Che Cafe Is Under Attack!

Please help this San Diego institution survive!

Taken from the Che Cafe Blog...

The Facts About The Che's Facilities Situation:

The Che Cafe was given no notice of this impending closure prior to May 1! The Che Cafe was not consulted about what would happen in the future. Sharon van Bruggen has been completely untransparent and dishonest with the Che Cafe throughout this process.

The financial information that Sharon Van Bruggen presented to UCAB was factually wrong. She claimed that the repairs she wants done to the Che would cost the University more than $850,000 dollars. After pressing her for supporting facts, she presented a piece of paper listing the cost of her rennovations - the things she claimed were necessary only added up to $420,000, less than half of what she originally claimed.

These renovations are not even necessary! When pressed to prove that they were necessary, Sharon admitted that some of them were "recommended" by the Fire Marshal, but that they did not present a safety risk that needed to be resolved. The rest of them weren't even safety-related.

Sharon Van Bruggen has the money! Last year, the University Centers budget spent millions of dollars on new furniture and office equipment. In this next budget, all of the administrators are getting raises - but they're cutting the Custodial and Maintenance departments. They're spending far more than the cost of these Che renovations on aesthetic improvements at the Price Center.

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