Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Jayson's Friend Request

Calling strangers on Craigslist for friendship is actually something we do on the Dana & Jayson show on FM 949 ! Just because Jayson doesn't have a boat, doesn't mean he won't call a stranger who is renting out a space in his garage to park one. Will Jayson set sail for friendship, or will he...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] So San Diego

You know you're from San Diego when... Dana & Jayson took your calls this morning to find out if you could guess what made the list. If you could, you had the chance to pick your prize from the FM 949 prize vault! (function(d, s, id) { var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; if (d...
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coffee shop

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Take This Job and Shove It

Sometimes on Mondays, you just want to hit the snooze button, and tell your boss to shove it. Since that isn't always a realistic option, we have our Dana & Jayson intern #EntitledMike to quit them for you. This morning, Mike called a Starbucks for one our rundown listeners to tell the bosses...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Alexa and Siri Talk It Out

A high level executive at Amazon recently said he hopes Alexa , the voice of Amazon's Echo , and Siri , the voice of Apple's iPhone (and their newly announced HomePod speaker) could talk to each other. Getting smart devices might be a wonderful way of making automation a little easier at home, but...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Jayson's Friend Request- Kickball

Calling strangers on Craigslist for friendship isn't the setup for a strange teen comedy, it's something we do on the Dana & Jayson show. It's called Jayson's Friend Request , and it never ceases to deliver. This time around, Jayson calls an unsuspecting woman organizing a fun afternoon of...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Jayson's Friend Request

Making friends in a new place is hard enough, but when you start calling strangers on Craigslist, things are bound to get downright weird. Check out another awesomely awkward edition of Jayson's Friend Request , as Jayson reaches out to a music shop about taking lessons. The only problem is, the...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Participation Trophies

Sports these days are a lot like a game of musical chairs with enough seats for everyone. Washington Nationals star Bryce Harper told a gathering of young athletes that participation trophies don't count, and 1st place is the only thing that matters. Dana doesn't like the idea of her girls growing...
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Enter the Code Word for Paul Van Dyk tickets!

Listen to BIG SONIC CHIL L nightly after 10pm on GLOW SAN DIEGO! This week, we are playing an unreleased, exclusive mix on Big Sonic Chill made by Paul Van Dyk himself. Listen at 10pm to hear the code word to win tickets, and hear the mix immediately following from today until Friday before the...
Contest Date Range: Sunday, Jun 25th 2017 10:11pm - end date to be announced.
cyber attack

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Cyber Attack

Back up your files, and hide those questionable photos, because a string of cyber-attacks have been hitting computers everywhere, locking down devices and holding your files ransome for $300. Instead of talking to some stuffy computer guy, Dana & Jayson decided to go straight to the source, and...
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chicken nuggets

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Nuggs for Jayson

In one of the most millennial stories we've heard in a long time, you probably remember Carter , the guy who tweeted at Wendy's to find out how many retweets he would need to get a year supply of chicken nuggets. They said 18 million, he said 'consider it done' and now more than 3.5 million RTs...
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