Enter the Code Word for Paul Van Dyk tickets!

Listen to BIG SONIC CHIL L nightly after 10pm on GLOW SAN DIEGO! This week, we are playing an unreleased, exclusive mix on Big Sonic Chill made by Paul Van Dyk himself. Listen at 10pm to hear the code word to win tickets, and hear the mix immediately following from today until Friday before the...
Contest Date Range: Wednesday, May 24th 2017 3:12pm - end date to be announced.
cyber attack

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Cyber Attack

Back up your files, and hide those questionable photos, because a string of cyber-attacks have been hitting computers everywhere, locking down devices and holding your files ransome for $300. Instead of talking to some stuffy computer guy, Dana & Jayson decided to go straight to the source, and...
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chicken nuggets

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Nuggs for Jayson

In one of the most millennial stories we've heard in a long time, you probably remember Carter , the guy who tweeted at Wendy's to find out how many retweets he would need to get a year supply of chicken nuggets. They said 18 million, he said 'consider it done' and now more than 3.5 million RTs...
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flight attendant

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] The Fair Flight Attendant

It seems a little dangerous to fly these days, with cancelations, brawls, lawsuits, and just about everything else you can think of going wrong with the airline industry. Never fear! Dana & Jayson have our friend The Fair Flight Attendant to break it all down, and let us know what is REALLY...
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caffeine addict

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Buzz Bagel

If you're not getting enough caffeine in the morning, you might want to check out the new Espresso Buzz Bagel from Einstein Bros. or... you might not. We save you the trouble of dropping $5, by sending Jayson to pick one up and taste test it for you. What did he think of the bagel with as much...
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Listen for the code words to text in to 61749* for your chance to WIN! 7 times a day, EVERY day including weekends: 8:40 am, 9:40 am, 1:40 pm, 2:40 pm, 3:40 pm, 4:40 pm, 7:40 pm . The more you text, the more chances to win!
Contest Date Range: Wednesday, May 24th 2017 3:12pm - end date to be announced.

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Jayson's Friend Request

There are a ton of ways to make new friends in a strange place, but Craigslist isn't one of them. Dana & Jayson finished the week strong with another painful edition of Jayson's Friend Request. They're looking to sell goods or services, he's looking for friendship. What could possibly go wrong?
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] The Red Button

A rumor is floating around the President Trump has a special red button in the oval office, but not the one you're thinking of. This red button alerts someone any time the Commander in Chief needs an icy cold Coke. Dana & Jayson didn't think it was right that only the President should wield...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] 13 Reasons Why NOT

You're not living if you're not feeling, and Jayson feels enough for all of us. 13 Reasons Why is on-deck for some weekend viewing, but Dana is concerned her partner will show up on Monday emotionally drained. We asked you to tell us the movies and shows that make you hurt so good. Grab some...
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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Could A Robot Do YOUR Job?

You might be really good at your job, but that doesn't mean technology isn't nipping at your heels. A new study from McKinsey & Company suggets that a percentage of every job can be automated and replaced by robots. How much of your job can be replaced by a cyborg? CLICK HERE to enter your job...
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