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Dana is one of the few lead female Hosts in Morning Radio.  Like most children of the 80’s, she grew up making mix-tapes on her Fisher Price Tape Recorder, but unlike other children, Dana would talk before every single song. It was clear that morning radio would be a fabulous venue for Dana.

One day during her senior year of college, Dana drove to a radio station in Roanoke, Virginia and asked the woman sitting at the front desk, “How do you get on the radio?”  That moment began her 14-year journey in an industry about which she couldn’t be more passionate. For the last 11 years Dana hosted the morning show on WBLI (Nassau/Suffolk County NY) While in Long Island, Dana received 2 Gracie Allen Awards and 3 years ago met her radio soul mate and disappointing gay best friend, Jayson. 

Dana, originally from New Jersey, has a big heart and on a daily basis may experience the full range of emotions.  Some might call that unstable, she just says, “I'm easily moved!”  She's a mom of 3 fabulous little girls and married the man of her dreams 13 years ago. 

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Jayson is literally the son of a preacher man born in El Cajon, California, and being the middle of five kids, he always has strong opinions and a lot to say. His hilariously unique perspective has been shaped in large part by his gypsy-like upbringing from his time living on a Native American reservation to attending New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. 

Jayson has spent the past three years with his radio soulmate co-hosting Dana and Jayson in the Morning on WBLI (Nassau/Suffolk County, NY). Prior to joining WBLI, Jayson worked as a performance artist in New York City at venues such as La MaMa and Joe's Pub. Now, he’s excited to get back to his roots here in Southern California and invites you to join in the fun weekday mornings from 5:30am to 9:00am as he and Dana share their infectious (and sometimes embarrassing) stories about life, relationships and everything else that comes along with being a human in this crazy world. 

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