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    Most people know me because of my obsession with Craft Beer. Well I’m much more than just a beer drinking broadcast professional, I also enjoy: video games, bourbon, porn, disc golf and fuzzy puppies. My daily life is pretty common; I wake up only to ignore any inclination of getting out of the house to work out, so I can spend a few extra minutes with my morning constitutional and a cup of coffee. After that it’s off to the radio station to make the world a safe place for Rock & Roll. With such difficult tasks before me it’s lucky I live in a city of diversion, because, let’s face it after a day slaving behind a microphone while reading up on the latest celebrity gossip can stress a guy out. My favorite pastime involves a California burrito, a cup of coffee and crazy conversation with the rad homeless guy who hangs out at the bus stop at 5th and University.


Modest Mouse - 'Lampshades On Fire'

The lead single to their new album "Strangers To Ourselves"

Modest Mouse have shared a new song called “Lampshades On Fire,” the lead single to their new album "Strangers To Ourselves" out on 3/3 via Epic Records. Read more...

X-Ambassadors feat Jamie N Commons - "Jungle"

Prepare to have your face melted...

Bad Suns 'Cardiac Arrest'

These guys are starting to make some noise across the country. Read more...

Wild Cub - 'Thunder Clatter'

Lots of buzz about this band and their new song "Thunder Clatter" Read more...

The Orwells - 'Who Needs You'

These guys BLEW IT AWAY at Letterman! Check out their music Read more...

Kongos - 'Come With Me Now'

As heard on FM 94/9 - Watch the music video Read more...