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Dana & Jayson - Without WiFi

Wednesday, August 16th
We can't live without WiFi. We're including you in this statement, because Dana & Jayson know how much we're all tied to our technology. Since we're a very...

Dana & Jayson - National Tell A Joke Day

Wednesday, August 16th
‚ÄčIt's National Tell A Joke Day, but to be honest, a lot of jokes (and the 'funny' people who deliver them) are just terrible. Dana & Jayson put aside their...

Dana & Jayson - Cheetos Fine Dining

Wednesday, August 16th
A fine dining pop-up restaurant has opened in NYC that is serving Cheetos inspired dishes. Rather than book a flight to the East Coast, Jayson put his idle...

Dana & Jayson - Fight for L.A.

Tuesday, August 15th
The NFL preseason is already going down, and the regular season isn't far behind, but what about San Diego? Since the Chargers bolted town to head to Smell-A,...