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Dana & Jayson - Ouch

Wednesday, May 24th
​Research suggests saying 'ouch' helps diffuse arguments in your life, so Dana had Jayson put it to the test at home with his fiancé. Would those four little...

Dana & Jayson - Speaking Emoji

Wednesday, May 24th
Emojis can be held against you in a court of law, as a landlord recently won $2,200 based on emojis a potential tenant sent him. We put Dana on the stand and...

Dana & Jayson - Bad Dates

Tuesday, May 23rd
You've probably heard about the poor guy who threatened to SUE his bad date to the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie after she literally walked out on him...

Dana & Jayson - Manchester

Tuesday, May 23rd
In the aftermath of the senseless attacks at the Ariana Grande concert, Dana & Jayson invited our radio friend Joel Ross from Heart North West in...