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Dana and Jayson - Munchies

Thursday, April 20th
Today was the 20th of April, which apparently means something to some people. We fought through the haze and counted down the most purchased 420 munchies, and...

Dana and Jayson - Lola

Thursday, April 20th
Dana has news that is music to Jayson's ears, as it turns out people who talk to their pets have a higher social IQ. Lucky for us, Dana also caught him doing...

Dana and Jayson - Phone Etiquette

Thursday, April 20th
We're a society that's glued to our technology, but how much is too much? Dana calls Jayson out for playing with his phone at the table. Guilty as charged.

Dana and Jayson - TRL Reboot

Thursday, April 20th
Who knew it was 1998 and TRL was a thing again. Dana & Jayson have the news that MTV is working on a new new Total Request Live reboot. Will you watch?