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Dana & Jayson - Snapchat Stalking

Tuesday, June 27th
Since Snapchat now allows you to track the location of your friends on the social app, Dana & Jayson put the new feature to the test. What would they find...

Dana & Jayson - Bad Dog

Tuesday, June 27th
​If you think your dog is bad when he has a little accident on the floor, it could be worse. Research is telling us that if you passed away at home, your dog...

Dana & Jayson - WWE Real or Fake

Monday, June 26th
Since we had the WWE Champ on this morning, and he dropped us a swanky pair of ringside seats for WWE Smackdown Live tomorrow night, Dana & Jayson debuted...

Dana & Jayson - Jinder Mahal

Monday, June 26th
The champ is in the house! With WWE Smackdown Live heading to San Diego tomorrow night, the WWE Champ Jinder Mahal was nice enough to call in to Dana &...