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Booze Bros

Friday, March 24th
Research from the University of Pittsburg suggests that men NEED alcohol to have a good time, while women don’t. Dana & Jayson break down the reasons why…


Friday, March 24th
Dana & Jayson found out that a big percentage of millennials don’t really count themselves as ‘adults’ until they reach age 30, but we had quite a few...

Siri Saves

Friday, March 24th
There’s a growing sentiment that the youth of today is way too tethered to technology, but you MIGHT not be so fast to judge once you hear this story of a 4-...

Public Restroom Undercover

Friday, March 24th
A study suggests that only 1 out of 3 men actually wash their hands after going to the bathroom, so naturally Dana & Jayson send Producer Jack to restrooms...


Friday, March 24th
You have to be a pretty smart cookie to sell over 100,000 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies, and it doesn’t hurt if you have an angle. Cookies + Karaoke = COOKIEOKE.

Secret Menus

Thursday, March 23rd
A lot of your favorite fast food restaurants have secret menus with items you may have never heard of. Dana & Jayson get the ball rolling with a few choice...