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Dana & Jayson - America's FUNNEST City

Tuesday, September 19th
​Somehow San Diego was only ranked the 10th most fun city in America according to a new list that Dana & Jayson got their hands on. Since we know how...

Dana & Jayson - Contraband

Tuesday, September 19th
​Dana & Jayson have spent the last two weekends at music festivals, starting with our FM 949 Indie Jam, and then a full three days of KAABOO Del Mar this...

Dana & Jayson - Spanos Tacos

Monday, September 18th
​The Chargers aren't doing much for the people of San Diego these days, but in a round about way, they're hooking the entire city up with some free tacos. This...

Dana & Jayson - Emmy FAIL

Monday, September 18th
​There was a ton going on Sunday, including NFL football, the last day of KAABOO Del Mar, and even the Emmy Awards. If you were watching the latter, you...