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Dana & Jayson - Vacation from Vacation

Tuesday, July 25th
​We've all taken those family vacations where as soon as it's over, you feel like you need another vacation. Dana & Jayson both just returned after a week...

Dana & Jayson - Overrated

Tuesday, July 25th
Dana & Jayson got their hands on the official list of the most overrated things including bacon, avocado, and a ton of other things that we love. To share...

Dana & Jayson - Facebook Shows

Tuesday, July 25th
As if Facebook isn't already a big enough part of most of our lives, Facebook shows are coming soon. Since FB has over 2 billion users, they have at least 2...

Dana & Jayson - DJ Dana

Monday, July 24th
​Dana & Jayson have been on vacation so Dana could head to the east coast to be a part of a family wedding, and while she was there, she was tasked with...

Dana & Jayson - Cosplay Universe

Monday, July 24th
​Basking in the gentle glow of SD Comic-Con, Dana & Jayson wanted to get to the bottom of all this awesome cosplaying, so we sent our night guy and...