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Dana & Jayson - Burger Wars

Thursday, May 25th
For the first time ever, Five Guys has dethroned In-N-Out Burger as America’s favorite burger in a national survey, but Dana & Jayson wanted to know if the...

Dana & Jayson - Sea Lion Safety

Thursday, May 25th
By now you’ve probably seen the viral video of a young girl being grabbed and pulled off of a dock by a wild sea lion. With the Children’s Pool here in San...

Dana & Jayson - Top Gun 2

Wednesday, May 24th
​The rumors are true, and it looks like Tom Cruise will strap on his flight suit and feed his need for speed in a Top Gun sequel. A child of the 80s, Dana is...

Dana & Jayson - The White Doghouse

Wednesday, May 24th
With a second video coming out revealing another hand slap from the First Lady, is President Trump stuck in the White Doghouse? Dana & Jayson speculate...