Two Door Cinema Club

Sunday, April 16th


TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB?! Dude, they've been together for 10 years and played the mainstage at Coachella for the first time. Members have known eachother since they were 16, and they also have a fascination with lavendar? Hear Sam and Alyssa talk to them about their music. 

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Nice night. And up shirt. That. We'll. Be doing it. A true. Think about it. Arts to being hit. Cold so we are back and again at the other night if I answer my console broadcast. Pepsi or cinema club here guys day without them as though our you. You know while one or they killed yeah they know Lara yeah it's a little warm very sleepy he also had a jacket on and I'm not let it looks nice. But it's just not great functional as time an apartment. I do agree Ollie needed love yeah Celine. Yeah. That it got so we actually tell IE guys actually playing day we are out and that's there eyes and you just had your new album out last October October through the going to be here and a lot of that old some. Some yeah. Some from that some from the other words I. Hate them at their release and games Shalit and want to your US tour but he got immunity after Coachella. We're gonna go importance. On Monday. And then and then we're gonna play in Vancouver memorably in Seattle that lack of like telling him. Travel all the time worry just in Australia. No no no not arrogance on the mound in America so let's just say they're now yeah Southern Hemisphere everything backwards right have a that. We are going to Australia and then a couple of months okay cults though. That's reviewing and he's here in the future your immunity I'm in the near extra million times better than where we are also celebrating nearly ten years of being together at. Yes that's right. Yeah I think it was ten years allotment. Right into the night there what you're sixteen or something crazy we've all known each of their long. If 1415 we that we ailment I. DP that helps healing create your knees that now if anything it makes wonderful medium. I expect. Apple areas. On the snow is so with your new album game show yes I went like two years without. Like within activity but in England. Catching up on sleep. Them. She's pretty. Yeah pretty much anyway Ehrlich six years nonstop to renew the act and the break the break is all it was the you know is just getting out of out of band live monitoring out of the studio line. Regaining some senses. Normality in yeah that's not beneficent enough. I get back polite respect and and yet we tax. And also to like just because obviously raised it and I'll hum play like I'm always on that's so. I needed that break yeah that's crazy kind of where that ball like the first time you heard yourself on the radio. Bullet time Mr. T it was really a moment like is that like a memory that you remember. And there's definitely like. Local reduced seasons back in NORTHERN IRELAND that we would ago but I played on and on and and they don't you know how many people listen to today whose radio stations so. I think we remember like I remember at least our first time we're playing on national radio in the UK. And I was pretty pretty exciting. And you know. And I Ramirez is he's XP universally been on TV shows commercial radio station and like mention on BBC radio like. Got some recognition for at bat and Nancy. It's nice that we we've been very lucky to have some music that has been like by a people. And then people then want to play that on there subsequent. And it's. Comedian Anna as you know. Separate. Visa through anything when it's on like TV shows and Everett never seems to sit right. That you never really notice stuff stamina when you're watching right and I TV two and a song comes on the leverage their own site necessarily company doesn't seem normal. Speculative long mop up watching Grey's Anatomy but my wife's what you guys not talk. I thought the giants like these two votes should never me this is anyway. Yeah it's like when your I is it that we are feeling it here by in a bar and club over some things make it sits there like the why I feel really uncomfortable and energize that you know it's like the first two seconds of one of our songs and I don't know it before I've realized that it's our sound like subconsciously my ball he just knows. And sends up Kelly yeah. Then known forever. I'm happily never goes away for you then. Sorry Anne Feeley never goes away for you then. It hasn't so far. No. It's not like a negative thing I think it's just a bit like. Well. You know what this is our people economies like that you know is that they are they watching me in miss him forever Tony won by an underwear was. Hillary I knew at TCU and he would have many requested this and I don't buy I don't know where Israelis see the brand of toothpaste yes I ask. You brought them a lot easier on this guy allay any. One N one ply toilet paper you know so. And there are things I hope I have possesses that it Al is it is like if you think the Asian Massa. Leg to the paper is one of them. Like you need to get name brand or Rios is another and not that there's there's a certain things the it is dollop. You don't want massive don't have content up then it felt. What I like favorite like I don't feel like by his music life's too short for when black. It looked subtype my toilet paper I know you guys incorporate pretty heavy sensing your music and I talked buyers found. Yeah I mean. In terms of the sense of being collecting those since as a teenager. And I guess the more that I have the more that we use them. Ami we can we started off with this electronic kind of aspects are sound really early on we in have a drummer in the beginning rental. We were using drum machines and we were Kenneth trying to figure out how we can make that a part of our sound and I mean. If I'm automatically did it is. You don't have a German and its people hate guitar player Qaeda electronically inspired B also have the indie pop sound team yep for sure I mean I think that that's what we are going Boris in the early days because we were we're playing guitar isn't. We're listening to any music and that's kind of why we wanted to be an abandoned the time but. The lack of a drummer and a lent us a little bit of an edge you know. Compared to other events of the time so there's an elective. Is this your first time I mean staged. Sure that's yeah yeah a that's pretty excited about it. I cowboy. Usually show rituals that you happen to know yeah. He hasn't tomorrow and yeah we got to go after that allowing the guys at the mention one's right yeah. Not at us and I'm proud and America. Does crack this Leno and into. So refreshing and that's been my favorite thing. No we just connect LA and dad to hand out of the camp to get into the game is relax enough. And they have a drink just there was evidence coach Carter and teach you to know now. But he is doing your downtime I mean you're here you're here at 6 PM woody has an immediate and it's paying and then distance to him yet. Yeah editorializing for equity and do that the disc copying Aaron. Well you know I mean I couldn't do nothing in my spare time was asked who now but just don't go you know. Oh it's a mixture of all you take separate. RA I mean. Cycling team's defense and some operated in your spare time OK what I and his cool okay I like it's going to be commonly used to go on Disco dance and just don't Disco golf lately and it's gulf. No can't even just got to scooped it wouldn't Scott and with the death for it beat. We knew he had no way we we tended to you know it depends who we are you for and a city that the stuff we want gonna museum or. Go to. Swimming pool I don't know her place on goal for does that is through Wednesday night we're in Argentina recently when Estee. And Brazil went to the dates you know just that's that's it. We really immersed in the culture day. The worry here is how to tops off them and diamonds beats up. Like him and then it's okay. To tell me. Yeah. Yeah robbery I mean music video lavender and how that would mean. That. I am at him. And everything and fight so hard in my life came close to really I think it's good luck yeah I am. Yeah we we. That I needed you for a song of ours called lavender and we films. We've played. In London a couple of months ago two nights at this pretty iconic London and you call Alexandra palace. And they hold its and assay to sports that are in north Villanova and America's snooker and darts. Dart to the it's okay look at all the competition I knock at our sports here and I'm not good at art and I knew when it as the man who. It's a very famous for his first and current for darts and it's. It's a very old building in and North London and we played there for two nights and we. Thought it a nice opportunity to to get some input on to film the the event and we then. You know mammy thousands of music video. Yeah I definitely there. And I feel like lavender color like Cigna I think you guys that mean it's your album cover is durable and lavender and I actually signed by the Charlotte the parents at NC an ego a couple of months ago. And your whole state senate was like purple and really rich island day. Yes it's not enter different colors yeah but so colored monthly intervals and then purple deputy in their purple in their morning. Again. Get that you news. Something. Give them have any surprises or. Performance that yes well. I guess it wouldn't be surprised if he tells. Mean you hit the nail on the head there can't. I guess as Utley and he. So lazy guy is as a means it's ridiculous though. The average and he hit it out thank you permanence. Thank you can liners to. No well thank you very much. OK so the first Berber or to carry out. Made zealots into north cinema club in your listening to San Diego's alternative FM ninety point nine. But I can't even. Plus. One than it did help the environment. Hey this is Kevin consider Sonoma club one thing ninety to help the environment. Please bring my own banks to the grocery store. You go did.