Sunday, April 16th


Sam speaks with Alyssa to Gryffin about his sound, newest single, playing Coachella, and more. 

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I hit an apparent. Hey hey Greg Coachella valley we have grant an air with less NEL and half a united front nine and steeper sentinel you know. Yes they are having me scrutiny you as well. Happy for coming out so you produced you're actually mixer sound tracks he played and are you have that John pat being going or you can talk about how multi passage are. I guess. Yeah I mean doing all that production stuff. And then for the live show. A lot of the music that I compose and kind of work on all starts from though live kind of instrument worlds I'm background and a group playing the piano. On its -- seven years old as playing like classical music in this are playing the guitar and then kind of messed around with and types up when I was growing up and that's kind of I've just like picked up the drums as well and so. Have been trying to figure out and eat this lives show really is kind of though. Away from me to translate that musicianship in a live setting but it with dance music in an electronic dance music as well. And say yeah I'm like really try to show him debuting a lot of new stuff this weekend. In terms of musically and and some of the specific live and it's for the shows some really excited to be here and this should be really good weekend. Right and sell like seven months you just cannot backtrack bipolar sunshine in hand. Was it like last week he got Alice deal dead which was an end the inning single things that can't talk about like some of your view where. Yeah I'm really. Working on a lot of new stuff I'm going to be debuting a few new tracks this weekend. That I'm going to be releasing a man be trying to put out EP this summer. With some stuff that have already released but a lot of new material as well. Com and yell like the bipolar thing was the jaws some record it was kind of like the beginning of me sort of like going away from just strictly house music which is Kyle where everything began and I'm not gonna abandon that by any means that. Just experimenting with different styles and he'll be is another kind of expansion on that. And now is this a really did. A really fun song to make like millennium is that one of my really good army isn't. Even wind to work on track for awhile and then then when data is sent me. On the original demo it outages like spell. So connected to and immediately and thought it was such a great song that naked eye could work on together so I'm really happy with how that would care about it. Rainsy managing your costly change can you talk about how that inspire deal with your electronics T Indian tech. Yeah I mean I think. Having that experience like music just in impart my life since I was so young and that I'm very thankful for that. I'm doing now like weekly piano lessons I'm saying is there really helped. On the evolve as an artist I think him and as I got a little bit older I started. Really getting into electronic music. I'm hearing like million likes to relax and you in the Swedish house mafia and a lot of these guys were doing some really exciting doing highly in electronic music and and now it's kind of like the Salinas sounds I'd never heard before it does being in bands and and playing live instruments as is while this is so different feel so brash and I wanna be able to try and do that and so I was kind of how I. Downloaded able to and which is the music's opera still produce and today and kind of just sort of messing around with stuff and seeing what I can do. And use sort of my childhood. Live music band kind of experience and then what I felt like was the future and kind of like this forward thinking type of music and trying hybrid it is. Ray started gaining recognition around to fourteen fell in. Mueller and remixing tracks from to help low and on you can really hot the artists and root by apple has pretty bad asks. They see yeah I mean it was kind of like. I mean even when I was doing now I guess I didn't think I was gonna. Do you music as a career to be totally honest like I went to college and I studied electrical engineering and I thought I was gonna be like that nerdy guy that lived up in the Bay Area did that and but I've always loved music and as a hobby while I was in school I was. Making the music and started releasing that kind of stuff and it kind of club buzz online and also needs artists started messaging into like hey can you remake this theory makes that label started hitting me up. At a point I was like whoa this is actually like potentially happen area and now is kind of like how it just. We've got put together and I as I was finishing school is that while maybe messages like go for this. Yeah I see it happening retirement mean Q school I was asked that so I have I've selling friends that you know they've been eating party isn't and what is. One piece of advice that you give somebody that is doing exactly that you know he's acknowledging injuries school. To lake. Would be where you are right now that's like a Chela yeah how would you tell them how to get. That's a great question a big. I mean that begs the best piece of advice they can really give is to try and find it in identity for what you want to be in what you what you want your music to represents. Like in terms. The feeling that listeners get when they listen to your music like the emotions that you poll and it really trying to find. Something unique about your music. If he just produce something that sounds exactly. Like a generic like future based song like it's going to be really RP a breakdown unless it's like. Super Chris the most perfectly engineered piece of music Amkor. Just anchors and I mean I definitely. I think it. A lot of what idea trying to make it very emotional uplifting. And have a lot of malady melodic. Com type of instruments and infighting and sort of like I said earlier have. Kind of lies. Real music like I used attract real guitars real bass guitars electric guitars. Acoustic in piano into my music but then I also use a lot of synthesized. Piece of material to give it really that electronic feel and drums are all really electronic and heavily process that's kind of like. That emotional uplifting melodic vibe but vibrating your DN greatness of the real live instruments with the electronics and the size of. And there's some pretty mainstream. Acts out Erica tell us some of which he actually remixed or south cellar and you know that you're like inspired by a that your accident he played its beacon. Yeah I mean I'm deathly and it's Ryan on there and up to tableau like she was playing my talking body remakes it says the huge ask her idea she's not. Site up and wanna say what's up terror like banks is on the line map out really connected with her. Really in any capacity beyond doing Irene expert here I want to say hi. On jacare it's there remakes and com buy yen terms of evil and inspire me to like. There's a lot like I think the ax ax is a huge arm. Group that I really admire. Dominant in terms of like electronic world as well like Lee gathered his sock on hold to guy now like. It is definitely on repeat when it first came out. Yeah and then like. I say I even really like admire some guys they DJ snake some of the huge heavy hitters in the electronic dance music just for what they've been able to do in an achievement in the space is really incredible. Bombs that there's a lot of there's so much talent across all these different genres I really wanna see Hans Zimmer on Sunday. Because that is just like one of the coolest. First people to ads in the lineup and I just the it's going to be such a different show. I don't like not only artist that came in at eight has said that it's. I just feel like he was so cool for them to get like a legendary composer. In trying translated into a fastball setting I just can't wait to see what that's gonna look. I. Tell less yep it is now. And I decided yen being from northern California like mrs. Outside lands a big one and around my hometown Margaret Cho is really like I mean for any artist really no matter where they live but this was always the ones that. I remembered so much as a kid and and and I analyzing acts that played on and so to be years like a really really. A special feeling I'm really excited. Ray and so let's tax free after coach how loud. You know you're coming out Mimi is and agreement on tour are what media and. Yamon indeed going on tour heavily on later this year Ayman announce and dates later this summer is going to be pretty big North American tour. Com I will be doing some stuff overseas I'm going to be going Asian a couple of weeks. And then doing some stuff in your as well. Seanez I've been doing a lot of North America tour's I'll announce a big one later this year and I'm also trying to spread out and do some more. International days and hopefully Australia and some of the things like that so. Possible links cigarettes are coming out you're NA weren't a relative resort RER. And it is cost. Yeah anything else to pay. That's I got received sixty that in yeah I'm so glad to have means beat me to come out. So I'm like yeah human use finance and apparatus. Glancing blow up with a really and it and it is you're in app. And even if I. It is like having an end. Is there as a recording. It is is Griffin and you're listening to glow San Diego. And and and one of iron and. I it's weird it at like eight. And Erica. Do you ominously from both in you again earth and one thing and you. Two and if I shooters like illicit. I. It. And live in Luke is Luke is created you and your Bandana. What do I do to help the environment. I. At. Is is driven from glow San Diego and one thing I do to help me in my Armand is the next two or I have is going to be carbon neutral. Boom. Carbonate to cut. He's holding that.