​Apparently true love is knowing someone's fast food order at various restaurants. A story went viral about a woman who discovered that her boyfriend was keeping detailed notes about all of her fast food orders. That HAS to be true love. Dana & Jayson were inspired, so this morning, we did...


A lot of us binge our favorite shows on streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, but there is a new trend that is taking it to a whole new level. Binge racing is when people binge entire seasons of their favorites in just 24 hours, and apparently it's actually a thing. When Dana & Jayson got...


San Diego is thinking about banning something that Dana can't live without...Straws. Seriously. They are a daily part of her life, and she even drinks her morning coffee through one. Since Dana is facing the loss of something she depends on every day, Dana & Jayson wanted to create a support...


Almost 70% of Americans have at least one Apple product in their households. This is as creepy as it is interesting. To think that the majority of American homes are rocking Apple products seems a little Brave New World, but rather than take a study like this at face value, Dana & Jayson...