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  • Is Vidcon The Next SXSW?

    Wait. What Is Vidcon?

    What is Vidcon? Vidcon is a convention that just celebrated it's 6th year that was created by John and Hank Green. Brothers who are YouTube stars, Writers, Movie Producers, Musicians and more who have interviewed the likes of Bill Gates and President Barack Obama. I'm sure many of you have your favorite YouTube channels and content. Do you see YouTube starting to replace Cable for your viewing time? If you had known about Vidcon would you attend to see your favorite internet personalities? Ian Schafer at Medium thinks that Vidcon could be the next SXSW type event. Read More
  • Pogues Whiskey Is Now A Thing, Because Duh

    Streams of Whiskey Indeed

    "The Pogues offer a perfect partnership as they share many of the same values as our company such as an independent spirit, a slightly unorthodox approach and a commitment to quality..." Read More
  • Ferrell Takes the Field on HBO

    Check out the trailer here...

    HBO was there when Will Ferrell suited up for 10 MLB teams, including the Padres, during spring training. They just released the trailer for #FerrellTakesTheField and it looks sooooo good. Check it out and mark your calendar for Saturday, September 12th. Read More
  • Hear New Foals - Mountain At My Gates

    Hear New Music from Foals In The 1010GrudgeMatch

    Hear new music from Foals in tonight's #1010GrudgeMatch on FM 94/9. Can Foals knock out the 8 night winner Dirty Heads - End of the World? You decide! Read More