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  • Billie Joe Armstrong's Summer Job Totally Rules

    Ready to get jealous?

    Green Day's Billie Joe showed up at Coachella to play with the Replacements, and now he's done it again at festivals in Atlanta and Louisville. Rad! Get the scoop here. Read More
  • Hulk Temps at FM 94/9

    He isn't a very good temp but we're sending him to Comic-Con® anyway.

    It's Comic-Con® week in San Diego and that means characters are coming out of the woodwork. Our pal Hulk is in town a bit early, so we decided to put him to work at FM 94/9. Read More
  • Jack White Covers Jay-Z's "99 Problems" Live

    Because WHY NOT?!

    While performing at Forecastle Festival in Louisville, Kentucky this weekend, Jack White covered a portion of Jay-Z's "99 Problems" as a segue out of The White Stripes' "Icky Thump". Read More
  • "Weird Al" Strikes Again

    Lorde is the latest to get spoofed

    It seems no one is safe from Weird Al this week, as he has been premiering new videos in support of his new album 'Mandatory Fun'. Pharrell and Robin Thicke found themselves victims of the serial spoofster earlier in the week and it seems Lorde is the latest. Click 'READ MORE' to watch the video. Read More