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    Most people know me because of my obsession with Craft Beer. Well I’m much more than just a beer drinking broadcast professional, I also enjoy: video games, bourbon, porn, disc golf and fuzzy puppies. My daily life is pretty common; I wake up only to ignore any inclination of getting out of the house to work out, so I can spend a few extra minutes with my morning constitutional and a cup of coffee. After that it’s off to the radio station to make the world a safe place for Rock & Roll. With such difficult tasks before me it’s lucky I live in a city of diversion, because, let’s face it after a day slaving behind a microphone while reading up on the latest celebrity gossip can stress a guy out. My favorite pastime involves a California burrito, a cup of coffee and crazy conversation with the rad homeless guy who hangs out at the bus stop at 5th and University.


Man Arrested and Jailed Claimed to Be Scott Weiland

Check out the photo comparison

You can ask Scott Weiland, the only thing worse than an internet hoax is the cops mixing you up with a look alike. Read more...

Foo Fighters Take The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

And they recreated a scene from Carrie to do it

All the Pearl Jam boys have done it, Cage The Elephant has done it and now Foo Fighters take the cake with the ALS #IceBucketChallenge Read more...

Lorde will curate new Hunger Games soundtrack

And announces new tour dates

Lorde will take on the task of curating the new The Hunger Games Mocking Jay Pt 1 soundtrack. That means in addition to a new song from her she also gets to handpick the other artists on the soundtrack. Who would you put on the record? Read more...

Radiohead will begin recording new album

In September 2014

Johnny Greenwood dropped the news today to BBC Radio 6 Music, Radiohead will start playing, rehearsing and recording a new album in September, “We’re going to start up in September, playing, rehearsing and recording and see how it’s sounding.”  Read more...

Look Ma, We're On TV!

Broadcasting Live From San Diego 6 The CW

Hey! Woodsie is sick so I am covering the live broadcast from San Diego 6 The CW this morning. We're onsite talking about #ipadsinspace and your 14 chances a day to win an iPad Air! Read more...

The Dude to play Lebowski Fest

That band really tied the festival together

For those of us who quoted The Big Lewboski a thousand times over! Jeff Bridges and the Abiders will play this year's Lebowski Fest in LA on April 25th. Read more...

Flea to let it all hang out

RHCP Basist signs a deal to pen his memoir

He's gone from rocking out with his..ahem..sock out to putting affordable instruments in the hands of budding musicians and once (maybe twice), even played as Needles in Back to the Future. Red Hot Chili Peppers Bassist Flea hasn't done it all, but, everyday he's another step closer. Read more...

Ever stream an album from SPACE?!

John Frusciante streams his new album from Sat-JF14

Former Red Hot Chili Pepper guitarist, John Frusciante is using space to his advantage, literally. He is using Satellite FJ14 to stream his new album Enclosure from space. Read more...

What it's like to date Lorde

Boyfriend James Lowe breaks his silence

In a post on his personal Blog, James Lowe, the 24-year old New Zealand native who's been dating Lorde during her meteoric rise to fame, opens up on what life has been like for him. Read more...

Trouble In Blink-land?

Travis Barker gets passive-aggressive

Maybe I'm looking into the the story a bit much, but if you read between the lines in Travis Barker's latest interview with the OC Weekly...Blink 182 isn't recording right now because the band "doesn't have their sh*t together." So, until then he's going to focus on his other projects like the Transplants! Read more...