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WATCH: Grouplove perform 'Ways To Go' at the Lafayette

Check out this sweet vid from our Loud @

Grouplove performs "Ways To Go" at the FM 94/9 Loud @ Lafayette Hotel, Swim Club and Bungalows in San Diego, CA. Read more...

Weezer's Rivers Cuomo Gets A TV Show?

The Weezer frontman is working on a show based on his life

Rivers Cuomo from Weezer isn't satisfied with being a rock star and a Harvard grad, he's adding the world of television to his resume, with a new show for FOX in the works, based on his life. Read more...

Full House Reboot?

We grew up with it. Now The Tanners might be back on a TV near YOU.

Well the rumor is making the rounds the last few days that the gang from 'Full House' might be coming back to a TV near you. It's yet to be confirmed, but just the idea of a Tanner family redux has us wondering, how weird have things gotten... Read more...

Stream Interpol's New Album

Check out 'El Pinto' in it's entirety

You can now listen to Interpol's new album "El Pintor" in it's entirety at [][1] and let us tell you, IT'S GOOD! Read more...

The Black Keys repost MTV Video Music Awards FAIL

Guess they haven't forgotten

The band just posted this on instagram and fans react... Read more...

Steve-O Confesses To 'Sea World Sucks' Prank

Check out the video

The Jackass actor admits to being responsible for duct-taping a banner that read 'Sucks' over the Sea World Drive freeway signage. Read more...

FM 94/9 Promotions ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Better late than never, the promo team gets challenged

Well it was bound to happen. FM 94/9's crack promotions team of Ciro and Jack were called out for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Click here to watch the video. Read more...

WATCH: Arctic Monkeys Loud @ Acoustic Performance

Check out the videos

Arctic Monkeys performing "Do I Wanna Know?", 'Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High' and "Snap Out of It" at a Loud @ for FM 94/9 at Studio West in San Diego, CA. Read more...

Want to see Magic! in Las Vegas?

We'll send you packing with airfare, hotel and tickets!

FM 94/9 sends you to Las Vegas to see MAGIC! at the Wine Amplified Music Festival on Saturday, October 11th! Read more...

FM 94/9's Woods: I Am Number 4

We all know he's the #4 handsomest DJ in San Diego. Have things changed? Nope... not one bit.

So by now everyone knows that FM 94/9's very own Steve Woods was named the #4 'handsomest' DJ in San Diego. The question we keep getting is: Have things changed around the station? Nope... not one bit. Read more...