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Coachella Day Two...

At the festival!

Woods and Jack headed to the festival first & went to the Pixies trailer to interview those guys, then the rest of us headed over next and made a beeline for the Kogi truck for burritos & beers. The Pixies killed it onstage! They sounded so great. Queens of the Stone Age were sooooo good too - I was in heaven. And the people watching was the best! In the space of about 10 minutes, we saw Jared Leto (he gave me knuckles!), Emile Hirsch, Jesse Metcalfe, and then Aaron Paul walked by and we grabbed him for a selfie. He was super friendly - he even took the picture himself. The whole VIP scene was pretty ridiculous. Pharell brought Gwen Stefani out on stage with him, Muse covered Nirvana, and Jay-Z and Diddy got on stage with Nas. We drove back to the FM 94/9 Sapporo house and were up until about 4am. Which partially explains why my writing today isn't more creative. Sorry! xoxox - hil

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