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    Hi. It's your Old Pal Woods (™). I believe that branding is very important. One of my favorite things to do, when not on the radio, is to write bios about myself. I could talk about myself for DAYS. I've been known to block out the past. Or black out the past. Either way. And like Crash Davis, I too believe in the hanging curveball, high fiber, and good scotch.


Norm McDonald Called In

Woods Answered

Listen to the full interview with Woods this morning. Read more...


Woods Answered

Paul Scheer from The League & Fresh off the Boat got on the horn with our own Woods to talk about the live taping of his podcast "How Did This Get Made?" tomorrow at House of Blues, bad movies + more! Read more...

The Best Part of Waking Up Is This Paul Stanley Folger's Commercial

Made my day

Man I loved KISS when I was a little kid. Not so sure anymore. Read more...

Never Gonna Give Up Your Teen Spirit

Frankly…it makes both songs better.

I needed this today.

Deftones New Album Is Coming

Tentative Release Date Is Set For September 25th

Following their announcement to tour with Incubus and Death From Above, the band has finalized recording all the instrumental tracks for their new album, and Chino is working on the vocal tracks at his studio in Oregon. Read more...

FM 94/9: Sam Fogarino from Interpol

Watch the interview!

FM 94/9 welcomed Sam Fogarino from Interpol to the FM 94/9 Sapporo Pool Party Broadcast, live from the Emerald Desert RV Resort. Read more...

Happy St. Patrick's Day

From us at FM 94/9

Why don't leprechauns play soccer?

FM 94/9 Presents: #CoachellaHacks Feat. Andrew McMahon

It's not all sex, drugs and rock & roll backstage...

FM 94/9 gives out so many Coachella 2015 wristbands, we figure it's our civic duty to make sure you're prepared. Woods is back with another edition of FM 94/9 #CoachellaHacks, with special guest Andrew McMahon from Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness. Read more...

Stones Roll Out Tour in San Diego

Petco Park will be the first stop on their North American tour

The Stones are coming! The Stones are coming! UT San Diego broke the story last night that the Rolling Stones will be kicking off their North American tour in late May at San Diego's Petco Park. Read more...

Record Store Day is Coming!

Spin the black circle

Record Store Day is April 18, 2015 and there are some KILLER new releases by Ryan Adams, U2 and more! Read more...