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    You know what they say: great radio is 90% good music, 18% DJ magic. I'm a card-carrying member of the Union of DJ Magicians Local 949 & grateful for my almost 20 (!) year career in San Diego radio. I have a dog named Moonwalk, I once made out with a carne asada french fry, & the most awesome band I've ever interviewed was Arcade Fire, backstage at Coachella where I was really sweaty & unfortunately, wearing an unflattering hat. You can't win 'em all. Let's party!



Lube up your unicycle & start growing your beard NOW

Mumford and Sons are back! Their new album "Wilder Mind" - which they say is going to be more rocking and inspired by breakups, among other things - will be out May 14th. Keep it on FM 94/9 to hear it FIRST! Read more...

SHOCKING Video of Coachella staff Leaked!

I die

Leaked video of the Coachella booking team is a GAME-CHANGER! Personally, I will never view the festival in the same light. THOUGHTS?? Read more...

Hear Dexter and Hilary's Fireside Chat

Talkin' shop: New Offspring, Singles vs. Albums, and their Summer Nationals 2 Tour!

Dexter is rad, the new Offspring song "Coming For You" is rad, it's Friday, EVERYTHING IS AWESOME! Click the black bar thingie right above this to hear my talk with Dexter about new Offspring music, how things have changed for the band over the years, and the Summer Nationals 2 tour that's going to hit San Diego! Read more...

Florence & The Machine Announce New Album

Flo Rida, not so much

Florence & The Machine will have some new songs to play at this year's Coachella - they just announced a new album! The follow up to Ceremonials will include songs like "Ship To Wreck," "Caught," and "How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful." Get more info here. Read more...

The New Muse Album Will Be Called DRONES


Using our powers of deduction, we're thinking the new MUSE album will be called "Drones." Why, you ask? Just take a gander (!!) at their Instagram feed and #MUSEDRONES hashtaggery. What do YOU think? Does this mean what we think it means? NME thinks so... Read more...

Billie Joe Armstrong Is Totally an Actor Now!

Check out the Trailer for Like Sunday, Like Rain

Branching out a la Common or John Doe, Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong has a role in the new film "Like Sunday, Like Rain." Don't blink at the 2:25 mark... Think you'll go see it? Read more...

It's a Done Deal: Hockey's Back in San Diego!

Team name gets announced on 2/22!

The Anaheim Ducks AHL team is coming to San Diego! It will be part of the new Pacific Division and we'll find out the new team name at San Diego Hockeyfest at the Valley View Casino Center on February 22nd. HOT DOG! Get the full story here. Read more...

Tom Morello and Serj Tankian cover "Crazy Train"


What this world needs now is... a Randy Rhoads tribute album? OF COURSE IT DOES. "Immortal Randy Rhoads: The Ultimate Tribute" will feature covers by the likes of Dweezil Zappa, George Lynch, Chuck Billy, and more. Check out Tom Morello and Serj Tankian's crazy cover of "Crazy Train" right here! Read more...



Who are YOU excited to see? More info here. Read more...

NYE! OMG! What are YOU Doing to Ring in 2015?

I'll be home crying into my Arrogant Bastard

THERE ARE SO MANY FUN THINGS HAPPENING IN SAN DIEGO ON NEW YEAR'S EVE, OHMYGODDDDD! What are you doing? Wax your beard, put on your Spanx, and check out Rosie's listings on Cheers! Read more...