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    Hi. I'm Christy. Carter, that is. Yeah...Christy Carter. Many people take living in San Diego for granted, but I'm FROM friggin' Detroit!!! Point is, I'm SUPER grateful to be working here in a city as gorgeous as S.D., and at a station as awesome as FM94/9!!! And since I AM safely far enough away from that gray, horrid city, I FINALLY feel it's safe to say THIS...Ted Nugent SUCKS!!! HA!!! Thanks. That felt good. They actually execute you for saying that in Detroit.
    I'm a Scorpio who's COMPLETELY addicted to Nine Inch Nails, Tab soda, Stephen King, and American Horror Story. I love other, less morbid-ish things, too, though! Like Muse, Arctic Monkeys, Radiohead, The Cure, Pepper, and Remy Zero, puppies, kittens, and unicorns. I also can't get ENOUGH of hearts, and glitter, and Hello Kitty, and frilly, pink things.


Woman’s Lips Explode From Doing Kylie Jenner Challenge!!

How Can You NOT Know This Is a BAD Idea?!?

Social media has gone crazy with trending topic #KylieJennerChallenge which involves stuffing lips into a shot glass until lips are swollen. The swollen lip is supposed to look similar to Kylie’s voluptuous lips. How do you NOT know to NOT do this BEFORE trying it out?!? DUR!! Irresponsible on the Jenner-thing's part, natural selection on the rest?!? Read more here for more details: This is a link to


Beck Performed in a Total Stranger’s House on the ‘Late Late Show’

Hey, Beck, next time you feel like doing that WE have a hot tub! Just sayin'! (Shameless Bribe Attempt!)

Beck was on The Late Late Show last night — well, sort of, because he wasn’t really on set. Instead, the Morning Phase artist, and host James Corden, knocked on people’s doors trying to find a place for Beck to play. Eventually they found Tommy, a huge fan of Beck, who was thrilled (if completely flabbergasted) to see his house become a stage for a performance of “Country Down.” How cool would it be to get THAT knock on your door?!? But, actually gets even weirder!! Click here to read more:enter link description here


Nine Inch Nails Drummer Ilan Rubin's The New Regime Premieres 'Exhibit B' Album

Local Boy Does Good...And I Mean, SO, SOOOOO GOOD!!!

San Diegian, Ilan Rubin, has spent the past 5 plu years playing with Alt/Industrial Rock icons, Nine Inch Nails, and definitely seems to be following in Trent Reznor's footsteps with the release of his new album, Exhibit B, tomorrow, on which he, much as Reznor does with NIN, wrote, sung, recorded, produced, and played EVERY instrument on!! Impressive would be a massive understatement!! To say that we're EXTREMELY PROUD of Ilan Rubin would be a massive understatement as well!! Read more...

Film News • News Update: Sacha Baron Cohen will he, or won't he write, direct, and star in Freddie Mercury biopic?

It's's's's not... FINALLY! It seems to be HAPPENING!

On-again, off-again project is back on after Cohen settles his differences with surviving members of Queen. Read more...

Radiohead’s OK Computer Album to be Immortalized in the Library of Congress!

It's about friggin' time!! Now, what about The Bends?!?

Radiohead in "Congress"?!? It's about time, if you ask me!! The band's third album archived for being “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” to the musical canon. Each year, the Library of Congress archives 25 recordings that are “culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant” to the musical canon. This year’s entries include Radiohead’s landmark 1997 album, OK Computer. Click here to read more:


Trent Reznor- Reportedly Leading The Redesign Of Beats Music For Apple


THE MAN, the myth, the legend (yes, perhaps I'm a BIT biased!), Nine Inch Nails frontman, Oscar-winning soundtrack composer, and new Apple employee Trent Reznor appears to be no mere figurehead over in Cuptertino. According to a new report from The New York Times, Reznor has been given a "major role" in redesigning the Beats Music service that Apple purchased last year. Read more...

Dave Grohl & Beck to play Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

Both artists set to perform among others at the 2015 Induction

How many minutes do you think it'll take before Kanye attempts to hijack yet ANOTHER stage? - - Paul McCartney,Stevie Wonder, Tom Morello,and even Fall Out Boy are also set to present & perform in the ceremony next month. Read more...

WATCH: Trailer for the new Kurt Cobain movie

Grab a tissue & check it out!!

The first trailer for "Cobain: Montage of Heck" has been released. Read more...

MUSE teased the release of their new single 'Psycho'

Off their upcoming new album, 'Drones'

The band are set to release their new album, 'Drones', in the first half of this year, and if you're anything like me, you've been counting down the days for a while!! Read more...

Bear Hands plays an FM 94/9 MAMMMOTH!

Listen to an exclusive interview with the band

Bear Hands, who released their EXCELLENT album, Distractions (my #1 of 2014) last year have been busy working on material for their follow up. They're taking a bit of a break from the song writing process, though, to come play in the snow with FM 94/9 for a very special party on Feb. 7th at Mammoth Mountain!! Read more...