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Twisted Manzanita - New Look, New Concept

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East County San Diego, CA- It is shaping up to be a big year for Manzanita. We have been hard at work finalizing plans for a launch into new states. When we made the decision to launch our brand nationally, the Winter 2013, we pulled back to evaluate every aspect of our current company. This was a huge undertaking, but it allowed us to really assess Manzanita as a whole.

As we looked at all the branding aspects of Manzanita, we realized that what we loved the most about our company, and what it stands for is the Manzanita Tree. This twisted tree that grows wild throughout California, is the centerpiece of our namesake. With that in mind we made the bold move, while revamping our logos, to also add Twisted to our name. This may seem a dramatic move to some, but to us it only made sense.  Jeff Trevaskis owner and founder stated, “We wanted to unify our logos and focus on our tree. People always ask us what Manzanita stands for or if we make cider, due to the alternate meaning of Manzanita in Spanish, “little apple”. By clearly focusing on the uniquely beautiful and twisted Manzanita tree we are making it clear what our logo represents. Manzanita will always focus on making great balanced beer, but adding the Twisted just helps to define our image.”

Head of Marketing, Nina Izadi commented, “This change over should be seamless; we are excited to finally show the world our new logos! This has been kept under wraps for so long that it will be nice to present it on a wider stage.”

Check out our website at to preview all the new things happening!

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Twisted Manzanita Ales was built on the idea that great beer is crafted with both passion and creativity.

In 2010 Manzanita opened its doors with a three-barrel brew house, however in a little more then a year the we began construction on our much larger facility. 

We recognize that craft brewing is an art that requires tremendous attention to detail and extensive involvement from our brewers in every aspect of the process. In response to that need, we have created a space for our brewers to think outside the box and use new and interesting ingredients sourced both locally and internationally. This is the driving force behind Manzanita’s ability to deliver products of the highest caliber.