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Mother Earth Rolls out "Four Seasons"'re soo tasty!

Spring is here!!!

Today, Mother Earth is proud to launch their new, "Four Seasons of Mother Earth" specialty line of beers with “Four Seasons of Mother Earth – Spring”

Released every Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter on the appropriate equinox or solstice, “Four Seasons” represents the most exclusive and rare beers that Mother Earth offers.

And to kick the season off right, today is the first day of "Spring," for this year only, known as "Printemps Houblon'ale" or "Spring Hop Ale."

This year’s "Spring" is the result of Mother Earth’s collaboration with Brasserie du Pays Flamand who joined Mother Earth at their Vista brewing location earlier this year to create this one time offering.

Four Seasons "Spring," is styled as a Belgium Tripel using traditional pale malts, yeast and Belgium candy sugar, then slowly fermented in the classic style. To give this beer a little "West Coast" flair, sweet orange peel was added to the brew and it was then dry-hopped with Mosaic hops giving it a mild orange citrus zest to round out the familiar yeast esters.

Bottles of Four Seasons - "Spring" are available in all states where Mother Earth beer is sold, as well as in extremely limited draft. "Spring" or "Printemps" is suitable for cellaring so that just as it is in Europe, you can re-visit spring, time and time again. As part of the collaboration with Brasserie du Pays Flamand, bottles of “Printemps” will also be available in France.