Check Out These Secret Menu Star Wars Frappuccinos You Never Knew Existed

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative It's been a weird year for Starbuck's drinks. We all tried the Unicorn Frappuccino...and it tasted like soap. Then soon after was the Dragon Frappuccino...which nobody tried because the Unicorn Frappuccino had tasted like soap. There was a Pokemon Go Frappuccino, a...
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Dana & Jayson have the chance to talk to a lot of celebrities, but this morning, we might have reached the peak. When D&J heard that most Chuck E. Cheese theme restaurants are doing away with their animatronic bands, they knew they needed to hear it straight from the mouse's mouth....

mouse cheese

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Chuck E. Cheese

When Dana & Jayson found out that Chuck E. Cheese restaurants around the country are doing away with their animatronic shows, we knew we needed to go right to the mouse's mouth, so with some help from Producer Jack , we talked to the man (or mouse) himself. Check out our exclusive interview,...
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A fine dining pop-up restaurant has opened in NYC that is serving Cheetos inspired dishes. Rather than book a flight to the East Coast, Jayson put his idle hands to good use, and whipped up a few homemade versions of these cheesy dishes for Dana to try in studio. Would Jayson's renditions of...

fine dining

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN/WATCH] Cheetos Fine Dining

Fine dining has taken a turn for the weird, as a pop-up restaurant in New York City is serving up Cheetos inspired dishes for curious patrons. Rather than book a flight back east, Dana & Jayson tasked Jayson with a little homecooking challenge, to make his own versions of some cheesy dishes for...
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The Craziest "Cups" People Have Brought To 7-Eleven's "Bring Your Own Cup Day"

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative GUYS. "Bring Your Own Cup Day" at 7-Eleven is BACK this weekend !!! Stop by a 7-Eleven August 18-19 from 11AM - 7PM and bring a cup...or a bucket...and get as much slurpee as your heart desires! To get your creative juices pumping on what container to bring to #...
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Dana & Jayson have been hearing a lot about Oprah's new line of refrigerated comfort food, which we're sure will end up making her another billion dollars. Rather than focus on the food itself, we can't help think about what it'll be like to have Oprah in our fridge at home. Thanks to...


Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Oprah in your Fridge

Oprah already has her own network, a full roster of celebrity friends, Gayle , but that doesn't mean she isn't looking for more ways to dominate the world. The latest big 'O' product will be a new line of comfort food for your home, but ithe whole idea made Dana & Jayson wonder what it would be...
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Taco Bell Just Made A Burrito With Spicy Pop Rocks

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative Let me start this off by saying that I know Taco Bell isn't "real mexican food" I GET IT, WE LIVE IN SAN DIEGO AND HAVE BETTER OPTIONS THAN THIS BUT... Taco Bell just came out with a burrito that has... SPICY POP ROCKS. Have you ever even heard of such a thing?!...
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