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It's DrLupo And More From Playstation Experience 2017

Over the weekend I had the chance to check out this years Playstation Experience in Anaheim. Unlike like E3 which is more of a trade show for game sellers to learn about new games, PSX is known more as a fan fest or experience. This is more about the fans. And this year fans of Playstation had a...
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Rob Liefeld Is BACK!

Hey guys! Action packed Capes on Capes this week. First Bryce and I review and discuss the possible sale of Fox TV and Movie properties to Disney and what that means for a possible X-Men and Avengers crossover as well as The Simpsons being available for streaming. And THEN surprise interview with...
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Life. Finds. A. Way....To Bring Back Jeff Goldblum!

IT'S HERE! The trailer for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is here now with more Jeff Goldblum! It's a Monster movie and I can't wait! Video of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - Official Trailer [HD] Related Show/Host: Hamby
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Casual Gamers Podcast Ep 11 w/ TheMavShow from Twitch

Been wanting to make this happen for a long time. On this week's Casual Gamers podcast Jeremy and I are joined by my friend TheMavShow who live streams on Twitch. She is a variety streamer who is known for streaming Destiny and being a great member of that community. We talk to...
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My Body Is Ready For The Last Jedi - Poe Dameron Will Save Us

Jury Duty sucks. I had Jury Duty today and for some reason I find the whole process a completely triggering experience. I don't deal with it well. But I got out early and my friend Paul sent me this YouTube link of Poe Dameron's true theme song from Star Wars. As a fan of Kenny Loggins and "Danger...
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Casual Gamers Podcast Ep 10 - End of Marvel Heroes, State of Destiny 2, Playstation Experience, and Fortnite Splodes

Couple days late, but we are here this week for another Casual Gamers podcast! Powered by Coleman University, we discuss the state of Destiny 2 with XP Gate and the upcoming Curse of Osiris DLC. How many shares did EA stock lose during the recent Battlefront II Loot Box fiasco? Are...
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