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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Major Issues

June 15, 2017

Just because you're still paying off those student loans, doesn't mean you're getting your money's worth. A vast number of college grads work in fields completely different from what they majored in during college. Dana & Jayson put it to the test, asking for your calls, and getting the best stories of majors that just didn't translate to a current career. The best story was walking away with a pair of 3-day passes to Kaaboo Del Mar. School is cool, but Kaaboo is cooler. 

Dana & Jayson - Major Issues

College might be a pleasant blur for many of us, but it turns out that a vast majority of us majored in subjects that are miles away from what they do for a living. Dana & Jayson hit the phones to ask the people of San Diego what they studied, and how far away it is from their current job. The best story walked away with a pair of 3-day passes to Kaaboo Del Mar. 

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