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Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Jayson's Friend Request

The tables are turned this week on Dana & Jayson , as instead of simply finding a stranger selling something on Craigslist to reach out to randomly, Jayson posed as a person selling gym equipment to rope in his latest victim... err potential friend. Would it be the start of a beautiful... Read More

Blink-182 Releases New Song in 6/8 Time

Blink-182 has released another new song called "6/8," and the band is calling it one of their weirdest ones yet. The guitars are a lot more aggressive and reminiscent of bands like AFI and Billy Talent . The name of the song is in reference to being written in 6/8 time. "6/8" is on the deluxe... Read More

Dana & Jayson | [WATCH/LISTEN] Pushing Buttons UPDATE

Yesterday Dana & Jayson decided you shouldn't have to be the President of the United States to have a special red button that prompts someone to deliver whatever your heart desires. We took your calls, made a list, and had Jayson hit the road to bring goodies, snacks, donuts, coffees, and... Read More

Watch Gorillaz Perform Let Me Out on Colbert

The first Gorillaz album in seven years— Humanz —dropped today, and we’re liking the sound of it so far! Another thing we’re into? Their performance of “Let Me Out” on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night. With Mavis Staples on-screen, Pusha T on-stage, and an almost eerie (albeit awesome... Read More

Capes on Capes - 10 Questions w/ Chad Cavanaugh

Hey dude! So it's weird how fast time flies. It feels like just yesterday you and I were sitting in your kitchen discussing merchandise possibilities for your "Blam!" logo from your comic The Map. Flash forward it feels like yesterday we started this Capes on Capes podcast and wanted you to be one... Read More

Amplified Ale Works 4/28/17

Tonight we’ll be blowing out the speakers with Amplified Ale Works ! Who’d a thunk that what started out as a back room brew project at a Pacific Beach kebab shack would eventually crescendo into one of the rockingest breweries in town? Seems these guys knew it all along. They’ve been cranking out... Read More

Watch Dave Grohl Perform After Mom Embarrasses Him on Colbert

Last night on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Dave Grohl stopped by with his mom, Virginia Grohl, in support of her book tour. In her book, From Cradle to Stage , she interviews other rock stars’ moms, but last night, Colbert turned the interview around and asked Dave and Virginia the questions... Read More