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Mark Hamill

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Mark Hamill Interview

It was #MarkHamillDay on FM 949 , as the man, the myth, the Skywalker called in to the Dana & Jayson show. He talked about how excited he is about Mark Hamill Drive in San Diego, The Last Jedi, the original Star Wars, and SO MUCH MORE! Check out the full interview from this morning, and then... Read More

New Music Discovery: LIGHTS

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative HEY GUYS, Alyssa here! It's nooo secret that I am a HUGE fan of LIGHTS. So as you can probably imagine, I was screaming and crying happy tears today because she released the first song off of her new concept album, Skin & Earth . Video of LIGHTS - SKIN AND EARTH... Read More
baseball mound

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] First Pitch

Jayson is freaking out. He found out a few days ago that he'll be throwing out the 1st pitch before the San Diego Padres game tonight at Petco Park . Rather than just wing it, Dana & Jayson made a call to the bench for pinch hitter Tony Gwynn Jr. T joined the show to give Jayson some advice, a... Read More
Thom Yorke of Radiohead, Imagine Dragons, and Fall Out Boy

New Music Friday: Radiohead, Fall Out Boy, Imagine Dragons, & 311

The weekend’s here, and so is some sweet new music. We’ve got a few albums from Radiohead , Imagine Dragons , and 311 , plus a new jam from Fall Out Boy . Check ‘em out below! Radiohead: OKNOTOK Radiohead ’s adored 1997 album, OK Computer , is back with today’s reissue, OKNOTOK , and with it comes... Read More
craft beer

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Emergency Rock N Roll Happy Hour

San Diego is the craft beer mecca, so when Dana & Jayson found out the new #1 craft beer in American ISN'T from America's Finest City , we freaked out a little. This definitely called for an emergency session of the Rock N' Roll Happy Hour with Jeremy and Ken. We tried the new top brew, and... Read More

[WATCH] Alyssa Gives Her Cat A Bath

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative It's no secret that I LOVE my a lot. So much that I have a water filtration fountain for her to drink out of, pet insurance on her that I pay every month and...I give her a bath once a year. Now I *know* that cats clean themselves, but I'm a crazy cat... Read More

Ellen Caught A Woman Stealing And Things Got Really Awkward

FM 949 - San Diego's Alternative *Note to self: Do not ever steal stuff at an Ellen taping. Ellen set out a table of free merchandise for her Season 14 Premiere Week with a sign that said: "Please pick 1 item to commemorate your visit. Only 1 per person please." The woman literally said "please"... Read More

Dana & Jayson | [LISTEN] Jayson's Friend Request

Calling strangers on Craigslist for friendship is actually something we do on the Dana & Jayson show on FM 949 ! Just because Jayson doesn't have a boat, doesn't mean he won't call a stranger who is renting out a space in his garage to park one. Will Jayson set sail for friendship, or will he... Read More
Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant Announce Live Album, 'Unpeeled'

Kentucky—now Nashville—rock octet Cage the Elephant (I have no idea how many people are in this band these days, but it feels like a billion) are set to kick summer into overdrive with a live album! Cage the Elephant: Unpeeled features a series of recordings from acoustic-ish shows they performed... Read More