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    TK has been a fixture in Los Angeles radio for many years. TK and his signature mohawk were synonymous with Indie 103.1 and the independent spirit. When Indie 103.1 closed it’s terrestrial doors, TK felt a need to keep the spirit of Indie Radio alive. Moheak Radio was born out of TK’s love for Indie 103.1, the people who loved it, and what it stood for. Funded out of his pocket, Moheak Radio gained momentum and attracted many of the dj’s associated with Indie 103.1. It has nominal success but Moheak Radio closed it’s doors in 2013.

    On July 4th of 2013, TK started a station that truly was his love song to Indie music and culture, The Independent FM. Shortly thereafter TK returned to his other love, San Diego where he was lucky enough to become part of the 94/9 team. Two things matter to TK: radio…and San Diego. Finding a home at 94/9 was the culmination of a long career in radio that began long before his Indie 103.1 days. TK brings his unique brand of talent, creativity and larger than life personality to everything he does. Radio is in his blood, and it’s what he loves. He makes a great addition to the 94/9 family. “But don’t let the hair mislead you. I’m sensitive, enjoy Harlequin Romance novels, kittens, fruit rollups and Tom Hanks movies.” (Actually that's not true either)


Dave Grohl and Billy Corgan in Kickstarter campaign for documentary about Smart Studios

I found this story today online. It's about Smart Studios, a studio co-founded by Butch Vig from Garbage. This lil studio in a very unlikely city launched some MAJOR things for music. When I was 16 I recorded there with my awful band. Butch knew it and treated us as well as Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins. The guy just loved helping music. Here's a link to a story to make a doc about this amazing place. -> NME. Read more...

Watch Broken Bells Live

Live on the Tonight Show w/ Fallon Friday (3/8/14)

Broken Bells were guests on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon" last night, where they performed their new single "Holding on for Life" from After the Disco. Check the Pitchfork link to watch. You're Welcome. Read more...

Philip Seymour Hoffman Found Dead

He was 46 years old

After an apparent drug overdose, the actor Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead in his Manhattan apartment Read more...