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    You know what they say: great radio is 90% good music, 18% DJ magic. I am proud to be a card-carrying member of that 18%, and grateful for my almost 2 year career in San Diego radio. I have a dog named Moonwalk, I once made out with a carne asada french fry, and the most awesome band I've ever interviewed was Arcade Fire, backstage at Coachella where I was really sweaty and unfortunately, wearing an unflattering hat. You can't win 'em all. Let's party!


My BFF Pat Carney Made new Music for BoJack Horseman

Of course it rules, duh

Yer pal and mine, Patrick Carney of the Black Keys composed the theme song for the new Netflix show BoJack Horseman. True, it's an instrumental, but still. It's awesome. Check it out! Read more...

P Diddy (Puffy? Puff Daddy?) 1998 Smashing Pumpkins Remix Surfaces

#TBT, yo!

Puffy hooked up with Smashing Pumpkins in 1998 and remixed "Perfect" and "Ava Adore" from their album "Adore." While the "Perfect" remixes have found their way online in years past, this is the first time the world is hearing this 16 year old remix of "Ava Adore." Check it out here! Read more...

Foo Fighters Release Official Trailer for Sonic Highways

Their new HBO Docu-Series and album!

The HBO series debuts on October 17th.



You know how Arcade Fire have been covering a song at each tour stop, a song usually by an artist that is from the area in which they are playing? Like, they played "Been Caught Stealing" in L.A. and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" at their show at the Gorge in Washington state? In D.C. the other night, they covered Fugazi's "Waiting Room," and it ruled. Check it out! Read more...

Chris Walla Leaves Death Cab For Cutie

Sad Trombone

Sad news from the DCFC front: after almost two decades with the band, Chris Walla has announced he's leaving. He'll finish out their summer run of shows, so some fans will have one last chance to see him play. In other news, Death Cab say their new album should come out in early 2015. Rad! Read their statement here. Read more...

Weezer's Scott Shriner talks shop with Hilary

See them at the track this Saturday, August 2nd!

Scott Shriner has played bass for Weezer on six of their nine (almost ten) albums, but this is the first time he has worked with Ric Ocasek. Rad! Hear him talk about what that's like why he doesn't like to bet on the ponies, then see them this Saturday at Del Mar! Read more...

Jack White Throws out First Pitch To Santa


He really did. At the Tigers / White Sox game the other night. I mean, it's no Sad Jack White at a Cubs / Padres game, but still. Read more...

Billie Joe Armstrong's Summer Job Totally Rules

Ready to get jealous?

Green Day's Billie Joe showed up at Coachella to play with the Replacements, and now he's done it again at festivals in Atlanta and Louisville. Rad! Get the scoop here. Read more...

A Dad Responds to Magic's RUDE With A Song

It's kinda funny

He's gonna punch your face! Careful, Canadian reggae singer! The answer is NO. #burn Read more...

The Che Gets a Stay


The Che Cafe Collective (on the UCSD campus) has been thriving for decades and will not go down without a fight. It was thought that this Sunday's fest there may be the last Che show ever, but a judge just ruled that the Che gets a stay and can keep possession of the space until a hearing begins in August. More info here and Zach De La Rocha weighs in here. Rad! Read more...