FM 94/9 News

  • Allie


    Weekends on FM 94/9

    I’ve been with FM 94/9 since 2004, and you can hear me on the weekends during the morning hours. You can often find me at San Diego venues like the Casbah...
  • Bryce



    I'm all about the beach, collecting vinyl records, live music and have an affinity for anything involving tacos and beer.
  • Christy Carter

    Christy Carter

    Weeknights on FM 94/9 - 7pm to Midnight

    Hi. I'm Christy. Carter, that is. Yeah...Christy Carter. Many people take living in San Diego for granted, but I'm FROM friggin' Detroit!!!
  • Dan Brozo

    Dan Brozo


    I make videos and write comedy. Play instruments and video games...
  • FM 94/9

    FM 94/9

    It's About The Music

  • Gary Lee

    Gary Lee

    Weekends/Fill-In/Host of 'Living Better in San Diego'

  • Greg


    Weekends on FM 94/9

    Hey, it's greg. You'll hear me weekend and fill-in on FM 94/9.
  • Hilary


    Middays on FM 94/9 - 10am to 3pm

    You know what they say: great radio is 90% good music, 18% DJ magic. I am proud to be a card-carrying member of that 18%...
  • Janissia


    Weekends on FM 94/9

    Hey it’s Janissia you can catch me on the weekends and filling in on FM 94/9. I was born and raised in the beautiful sunny San Diego...
  • Jeremy


    Afternoons on FM 94/9 - 3pm to 7pm

    Most people know me because of my obsession with Craft Beer. Well I’m much more than just a beer drinking broadcast professional...
  • Steve West

    Steve West

    Weekends, Host of Legends of Alternative

    Host of 'Legends of Alternative...and a few One-Hit Wonders.'
  • The FM 94/9 Podcast

    The FM 94/9 Podcast

    Two guys talking about stuff

    The powers that be at FM 94/9 decided it was a good idea to let Woods and Jack from the Promo Department start an FM 94/9 Podcast. This is that Podcast.
  • Timothy Joseph

    Timothy Joseph

    Fill-In/Host of The Local 94/9

  • TK


    Weekends on FM 94/9

    TK has been a fixture in Los Angeles radio for many years. TK and his signature mohawk were synonymous with Indie 103.1 and the independent spirit. When Indie 103.1 closed it’s terrestrial doors, TK felt a need to keep the spirit of Indie Radio alive..
  • Woods


    Mornings on FM 94/9 - 5:30am to 10am

    Hi. It's your Old Pal Woods (™). I believe that branding is very important...