FM 94/9 Craft Beer

  • VolunBEERS - HandsOn "Hoppy" Service Project

    TODAY Feb 9th - Societe Brewing Company

    Volunteer with beer = VolunBEER! Today at Societe Brewing Company with HandsOn San Diego. So awesome! Read More
  • Rhythm & Brews 2016

    Presented by the San Diego Brewers Guild

    Once again Rhythm & Brews continues the tradition of bringing many of the nation’s most popular craft beers together with talented musicians in a beautiful outdoor festival located in the historic Vista Village district. The event raises funds for theSan Diego Brewers Guild. Read More
  • Pliny The Younger Is...Almost...Here!

    Toronado to potentially Tap A Keg This Week!

    Pliny The Younger is in the horizon. Rumor is Toronado will be tapping it's keg this week... Check out a "Who's Tappin' What?!" stream on twitter for you to stay on track! Read More
  • ‎Pliny‬ The Younger Arriving Soon in San Diego

    With ‪#‎Pliny‬ the Younger arriving soon, San Diego CityBeat looks at the hype: "If you're willing to wait in line for hours (or even weeks) for the mere chance of tasting the most overhyped beer in history, you seriously need to re-evaluate your life's priorities." Do you agree? Read More
  • FM 94/9 at the San Diego Winter Brew Fest

    Hang out with FM 94/9 and brews from over 40 breweries

    FM 94/9 will be hanging out at the San Diego Winter Brew Fest on Saturday, February 20th, and celebrating craft beverages from around California and beyond. Read More