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  • Legendary Bunny "Striker" Lee's studio burns down

    One of the most historic in Jamaica

    The studio, one of the most historic in Jamaica has hosted recordings from Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Jacob Miller, Joseph 'Culture' Hill, Roy Shirley, John Holt, Slim Smith, Beenie Man, Elephant Man and of course Bob Marley. Read More
  • Eddie Murphy to play Richard Pryor's father in BioPic

    When not dropping dope reggae tracks, Eddie occasionally acts too

    Eddie Murphy has been cast in a biopic about his comedic icon, Richard Pryor. Read More
  • Local Band Up In Smoke

    Trough The Roots, a local reggae band had quite the scare earlier this week when their tour bus caught fire will on tour through North Carolina. Everyone managed to get away without getting hurt. If you'd like to help the band get back on their feet you can donate here. Read More