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  • New Foo Fighters Video - Something From Nothing

    Check out the video here!!!!

    The video for the new Foo Fighter's single 'Something From Nothing' is out and we have it! Check it out here! Read More
  • Sonic Highways Review

    Did you see it? Thoughts?

    Prior to the release of the new Foo Fighter's record, "Sonic Highways", HBO has teamed with Grohl and company for an 8 part documentary, airing on Friday nights. We'll see the Foo's in 8 different cities, talking with legends from those cities who helped shape the sound. I watched the first episode on Friday and was blown away. You don't even have to like the Foo Fighters to LOVE this documentary. They talked to Buddy Guy about his friendship with Muddy Waters, recorded in Steve Albini's studio with Chicago legend Rick Neilsen of Cheap Trick. This show kicks ass. Check it out. Read More
  • The FM 94/9 Podcast: Episode 5

    Don't say you missed us...

    After a one-week hiatus (Woods 'had things to do') we're back at it with another episode of the FM 94/9 Podcast. Woodsy and Jack welcome a few but familiar voice and the boys dive right into a topic that has really been grinding Woods' gears. Brace yourself. En FUEGO. Read More
  • South Park Releases Full Lorde Parody

    Matt and Trey make the full track available for download

    If you've seen last week's episode of South Park, you discovered New Zealand singer-songwritter Lorde is actually Stan's Dad Randy Marsh. This week, Matt and Trey released the complete parody track 'Push'. Check it out! Read More