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  • The FM 94/9 Podcast: Episode 9

    Don't try to descibe it, just listen

    All up in your ear holes, it's the FM 94/9 Podcast, back with some more hot fire. This week, Woods, Jack and Dan talk about artists who turn them off with their on-stage antics and Dan has a very... gratifying story to share with us. All on this week's edition of the FM 94/9 Podcast! Read More
  • Geezer Before Weezer

    Local Band Brings the Band Out!

    Weezer turned a fan karaoke contest hosted by San Diego band Geezer on Venice Beach into a surprise concert — The #Shhhow by Kia. Watch how Kia pulled off this once-in-a-lifetime surprise for some of Weezer's biggest fans and hear their reactions. Read More
  • FM 94/9 Alum Lauren O'Brien Goes Big Time

    Check out the video that has her going viral

    You might remember Lauren O'Brien (LOB) from her days on the airwaves at FM 94/9 but this week, forget Kim Kardashian, LOB has broken the internet with this video compilation of her 'Celebrities Stuck In Traffic' series. Check it out and take joy in the fact that you knew her before she got big. Read More
  • Interpol Snowed In - On Their Bus - For 40+ Hours!

    ... and that snow joke!

    The fellas in Interpol live tweeted their ordeal as they became trapped in snow inside their tour bus Tuesday in Buffalo, NY. Crazy! Get the full story here. Read More
  • Bring the Foo Fighters Back to San Diego!

    Sign our petition and let Uncle Dave know we want them back in SD!

    FOO FIGHTERS 2015 North American Tour! Albuquerque? CHECK. Calgary? CHECK. San Diego? NO CHECK? Where's the love, Uncle Dave? Check out our video plea and sign the ONLINE PETITION to BRING THE FOO FIGHTERS BACK TO SAN DIEGO! Read More